From Dark to Light

The light bulb swings from side to side, hanging from the wire that powers it. A trickle of dust falls from the concrete ceiling. The blast must have been close, as the sound and the vibration reached our room at almost the same time. I look over at the other children huddled in the corners,... Continue Reading →

Jitter Vol #8

 Jitter Press have just released Jitter Vol #8 in paperback! It includes my creepy tale: Next To Godliness. Great to finally get a story into this outstanding series. Head over to to get yourself a copy!

Next To Godliness

Jitter Press has just published my latest short horror story on their website! It will be released in paperback shortly in Jitter Issue #8. Make sure to check it out! Nia drove slowly, squinting as she tried to read the house numbers. It seemed like a nice neighborhood. The road was lined with tall trees.... Continue Reading →


The Melbourne Writers Social Group has just released their NEW anthology! This is a collection of the stories that won their short story competitions throughout the year. Two of my short stories: Not about you and Mr Ex are featured, along with stories from friends and fellow Victorian writers Allan Carter, Ander Louis, Jeremy Picknell,... Continue Reading →

The Flesh Trade

New Short Story @ Haunted MTL Ferret walked down the last aisle and noticed that the booths began to evolve. He saw UV tattoos highlighted with black lights. Scarification. Subdermal Implants. The artists were no longer piercing tongues, but splitting them. No longer tattooing arms, but eyeballs. Then he found it. A red tent with... Continue Reading →

Self Criticising for Idiots (Non-Fiction)

“Damn! I’m such an idiot!” I yelled out, frustrated that I had screwed up yet again that day. “Don’t do that,” Steve, a fellow worker told me. “Do what?” “That. Putting yourself down. It doesn’t help.” I still remember that conversation now, even though it was roughly half a lifetime ago. Before then I used... Continue Reading →

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